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Announcements for Lord’s Day April 5th : Concerning church

activities for the week of April 5th to 11th

SUN 04/05/15 Lord’s table meeting will be at the new meeting hall at 9:30 AM
MON 04/06/15 Brother’s meeting will be at the new meeting hall at 6:30 PM
TUE 04/07/15 English and Spanish corporate prayer meeting 7:30 PM at the new meeting hall
WED 04/08/15 FTTA Webcast meeting will be at the new meeting hall
FRI   04/10/15 College age meeting 6:30 PM at the new meeting hall
SAT  04/11/15 Junior & High school meeting 8:30 PM at the new meeting hall
April 10-12-2015 Junior High Sisters Conference in Alpine. Cost: $95 / person. Registrations are due on March 29, 2015
April 10-12-2015 Junior High Brothers’ Conference in Engedi. Cost: $95 / person. Registrations are due on March 29, 2015 
May 1-3-2015 6th Grade Conference. Location: IROEC. Cost: $95 / person. Registrations is due on April19, 2015

      Other reminders:

SCYP Southern California Young People

As you may know the registration for the National College Training (July 12-18) on God’s Age-Turners opened January 1, 2015. With registration open for less then a month, we have accepted 600 applicants who have already paid. Another 400+ have already started their applications but have not completed them. We anticipate that all the spots will filled well before the April 15th early registration deadline. We strongly encourage you to help your students register as soon as possible. Please note that payment is due upon their registration.We especially ask you all to help the high school seniors in your localities register. This training often has the effect of revolutionizing their perspective on life and how they spend their college years. Please work with them financially if need be as the cost is $330 in addition to travel expenses. Also let them know that they do not need to know the school they will be attending this fall to register.Below is a link to the National College Training website and a promo video for you to share and enjoyWEBSITE: VIDEO: We pray the Lord would use this time to produce His age-turners!

SCYP Southern California Young People

This letter is an announcement for the upcoming Spring Young People’s Conferences being held in the mountains this year. We want to encourage all the churches to really stress the importance of these conferences and to announce and persuade the young people in your localities to register for the conferences this spring. All our churches are very busy and have many obligations to take care of, but none is more crucial than making sure we have a strong continuation in our next generation.

One of the striking crystals in the recent Winter Training on Exodus was the long-term miracle of manna as our heavenly diet to reconstitute us from an Egyptian constitution to a heavenly one for the building of God’s dwelling place. In the Life-Study of Exodus, pp. 408-409, Brother Lee said…

The heavenly diet fulfills God’s purpose. Those who built the tabernacle were not Egyptians. They were those with a heavenly constitution. It was at least four months after the children of Israel left Egypt that they began to build the tabernacle. During these months, their diet had been changed and their constitution was at least in the process of changing and of being replaced with the element of manna. By feeding on manna, God’s people eventually became manna. As those constituted of manna, they could build the tabernacle as God’s dwelling place. This picture shows that only those who have been reconstituted with Christ are qualified to build up the church as God’s dwelling place today. This is what it means to say that the heavenly diet fulfills God’s purpose.

As we enter into the 2015 spring conference season our prayer is that the Lord would continue His work of reconstitution within the young people in Southern California through their daily eating of Christ as their heavenly manna. In addition to their regular, daily eating, we also have the times of feasting together at the young people’s conferences. We pray that every conference this spring would be a rich time of feasting for reconstitution, producing a generation of young people qualified to build God’s dwelling place.

As a reminder, all serving ones who plan to attend any SCYP event that involves an overnight stay with the young people is required to complete a mandatory background check. As you have noticed, the SCYP policy on this has been that any serving one who has not completed this background check will not able to serve at the conferences. The background check process is easy, secure, private, and free. It only needs to be done once every three years, by visiting at and clicking on “FORMS” in the upper right hand corner of the page. Thank you for understanding the importance of this matter.

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